About Digital Gramophone

The Digital Gramophone Company is a specialist’s label with a historic archive dealing with recordings that are not only forgotten, but have been lost for decades. With the aid of 21st century technology our company goal is to democratize these rare and unique recordings, dust them off, re-master them without any hiss and glitches, and make them available to you on every single download and streaming platform. We are a small, but close intimate team who are all thriving towards the same goal by working closely together. Two of our team members have strong background knowledge of sound engineering, so therefore you know that our end product will always be the best on the market.

Our archive of recordings expands more than 100 years of not just music, but some of the most famous speeches in history dating back to the world war one era where you can hear a live recording of the gas shells, bombardment in Lille, 1918. Another area where we stand out is our artwork as each product is a strong representative of the quality of our recordings with hand drawn, colourful pieces that draws the eye to our product. This has also been another one of our strong USPs (unique selling points), so once you have seen one of our products you have technically seen them all as you will easily identify and remember our style.  

If you’re interested in licensing from our catalogue, please see the licensing tab on our website for more information.